I am a voracious reader and learner, and I have an interest in a very broad range of subjects. If you want to see what I read, you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

Listed below are some of my areas of interest.


Communication Skills - this includes storytelling, body language, voice training, etc. Are others hearing what you're saying (and vice versa)?

Social and Relationship Skills - relationships are critical to your happiness. If you want to be happy, build great relationships.

Networking - it's an important part of succeeding in career and business.

Science - understanding how the world around you works.

Space - it inspires scientific thinking and a global point of view, and it is simply awesome!

Photography - capturing a moment in time with images.

Filmmaking - capturing story through moving images and sound.

Personal Finance - ensuring that your financial situation allows you to grow and enjoy life.

Behavioural Psychology - how to change your behaviour and habits.

Cognitive Psychology - how biases affect your perceptions and decisions.

Influence & Persuasion - how to persuade others to your cause and take action.

Productivity - how to make the best use of your time, attention and resources.

Technology - using technology to boost your productivity.

Programming - systematic thinking and problem solving.

Art & Design - good design is useful in influencing others.


Big Data and Data Science - using commercial acumen, statistics and technology to turn data into actionable insights.

Commercial Management - analysing financial and operational data to make better business decisions.

Sales - everyone is in sales now - influencing and persuading others to give you their scarce resources of time, attention and money.

Psychology - understanding how humans behave and think. This is useful in influence & persuasion, as well as in changing people's behaviours and habits.

Technology - using technology to improve business productivity.

Corporate Finance - evaluating the financial impact of business decisions.

Marketing - understanding your customers, their hopes, fears and dreams, and providing them with a solution to their problems.

Entrepreneurship - involves all aspects of business, including marketing, operations, strategy, finance, etc.